The Team

Since 1987, Marketing Informatics has specialized in using local market intelligence and practical programs to drive traffic for clients.  Through the years, our goal has remained consistent—to listen to our clients, help them acquire new customers, and generate more business from existing customers.

For our body of work, we have been recognized with awards from the Indiana University Kelly School of Business and Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship; Experian Marketing Services; and Inc. Magazine’s "Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America."

Bob Massie, CEO


Bob started in the Database Marketing business in 1987 when postal mail was used universally, email was used by scientists and the military, and social media wasn’t even a glimmer in someone’s eye. Through more than 25 years of marketing evolution, Bob and the team at Marketing Informatics led the industry in innovation and adaptation of a mature medium to the opportunities that come with the emergence of new media. Recognition for this innovation and adaptation has come from Experian, the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, Inc. Magazine and many others.

During those same years, Bob’s interests have been primarily with his family, especially his wife of 42 years and his gaggle of granddaughters. But he also has found expression in philanthropy, public service, writing, art, music and challenging outdoor activities.

“People, not companies, have hired us over the years. I am deeply grateful for every one of you – as clients and as the friend you have become. Thank you.”

Derrick Smith, President

Derrick is a veteran of direct marketing having worked to solve client issues for more than 15 years. His role is to foster a healthy environment in which his colleagues flourish and to ensure that clients are at the fore of everything the company does. He has had the privilege of learning from great people and the freedom to ply those learnings resulting in a few awards for his teams. His strengths lie in organizational efficiencies and relationships. His interests are in family and community, and he loves spending time pursuing interests with his wife and three teenage daughters. Tennis and cookies rank among favorite free-time activities.

Marc Becher, Director of Client Services

Marc is the guy who wants you to tell him he can't do something. He can't wait to prove he can and move on to the next item on the "can't do it" list. This attitude combined with his attention to market trends, customer needs and excellent interpersonal skills have made Marc a leader in Mi's and its clients' successes. He has served in multiple seats in the company over the years, but all of those positions and experiences come back to one goal that is the heart of who he is and what he is passionate about in business: bringing solutions and success to those around him.

Personally, he enjoys spending time with his wife, his daughters, and his Boston Terrier. A fun night or weekend with them is his true passion. He is an avid sports fan, most definitely enjoys humor and might bust your chops if you give him a chance.

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