Consumers at work are vital to your traffic and sales. Reaching consumers at work affords you the opportunity to communicate with people who are known to be employed. And people being people, consumers make personal purchasing decisions regularly from their desks. Work days are long, so consumers have the opportunity to make purchases across multiple dayparts as they commute past your locations every day.

Drive traffic from the businesses around your locations by being direct. Let us help you market to your consumers with our programs:

BusinessPlace Thank You’s

Simply, you prepare compelling offers for consumers, and we deliver those offers inside envelopes to the businesses surrounding your locations. These envelopes consist of a cover letter and common coupons. The cover letter carries an extraordinary offer as a ‘thank you’ to the recipient who will share the coupons with the company’s staff as a no-cost reward for their hard work – another ‘thank you.’ Sending multiple coupons to each business in one envelope saves you money and allows you to reach a greater audience.

> Sustainable traffic over multiple years


Small BusinessPlace Thank You’s

The same concept as BusinessPlace Thank You’s, but for small businesses. The major difference is that fewer coupons are delivered in envelopes to small businesses.

> Deepen the reach of your brand to drive more traffic

 How BusinessPlace programs drive traffic:

  • Different Dayparts - on the way to the office, at lunch, after work
  • Reimaging and new openings
  • Underperforming locations
  • Events and occasions
  • Destination locations

 How BusinessPlace programs perform:

Response rates will fall within a range and will vary from location to location. Much of the response is based on the offers, so the more generous the offer, the higher the response rate. Here are some rates we’ve realized with our clients:

ResponseResponse RateTraffic (Guest)
14% - 20%+
1,400 - 2,000+
8% - 13%
800 - 1,300
3% - 7%
300 - 700

Mailed quantity to consumers at work – 10,000


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