Reimage ROI – All Marketing Should be this Good

casestudies-roi.pngTwo national restaurant brands struggled to deliver positive traffic and sales from their marketing efforts for consecutive quarters. Both were looking for a sustainable marketing program among consumers at work that would help resolve this issue. Both brands planned to reimage all of their locations over 12 months.
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Sustainability…In Marketing

casestudies-sustainability.pngA national restaurant brand with an insufficient budget to utilize traditional mass media wanted to build multiple direct marketing programs to deliver traffic and sales. The two measures of success were consistent ROI throughout the year, as well as year over year.
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Traffic That You Won’t Mind being Stuck In

casestudies-traffic.pngA national brand wanted to build a marketing program for consumers at work that would produce sustained traffic throughout a redemption period of eight weeks rather than a single burst of traffic.
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Small Businesses, Big Results

A national casual dining restaurant brand had utilized the Thank You’s™ program for two years with a consistently high ROI. They wanted to increase marketing into additional businesses without expanding geographically and introducing increased drive times. Read more…


Birthday Blowout

A national restaurant brand was searching for a sustainable and profitable marketing program and was intrigued by our Birthday offering.  Key factors in testing our program included:  expected higher check averages, fully trackable data to the individual, monthly program with scalability around all locations, no audience fatigue or cannibalization.  Read what happened…


CRM Enhancement

Two national casual dining restaurant brands with more than 650 combined corporate locations needed to develop a data intelligence platform that could enhance their CRM efforts. In the past both brands marketed to their e-clubs without differentiation of their club members, communicating one message/offer to all members. The result was delivery of irrelevant messages to known customers and ultimately, poor response – opens, clicks and conversions. The lack of information and declining response necessitated a change.
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Consistently Profitable Marketing

casestudies-profitable.pngA national casual dining restaurant brand needed to develop a direct marketing platform, individualized per location, to deliver new guest traffic predictably, sustainability and profitably.
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BusinessPlace and HomePlace

Predictable Marketing – Not an Oxymoron

A national casual dining restaurant brand needed to validate the predictability of performance experienced in previous marketing campaigns using the BusinessPlace and HomePlace programs. The brand set conservative and aggressive corporate media impact goals for a 19 week period and tested the program to see if they could achieve the goals. Both goals were higher than any impact goal previously achieved.
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