Consumers at home have long been at the heart of driving traffic and sales for retailers. From our perspective, these consumers fall into one of two categories – those that you can identify who belong to your e-club, or those that you can’t identify because they don’t. In both cases, these consumers are a valuable part of your traffic and getting coupon offers into their hands will help ensure that your brand is chosen when purchasing decisions are being made.

Drive traffic from residences around your locations by being direct. Let us help you market to your consumers with our programs:


HomePlace Birthday

Love them or hate them, birthdays represent a prime opportunity to capture consumer spending. Reach consumers who are not identified in your e-club database and live near your locations with birthday offers they can’t refuse.


> Birthday Blowout


HomePlace New Movers

An important focus of a marketing strategy for bricks and mortar companies is the population of new movers.  Millions of people change addresses annually and locations where they make purchases change as a result.  Let new movers know where you are so you get a share of their spending.

HomePlace SPM

The premise is simple—you prepare compelling offers, and we’ll get them into the homes of consumers with the greatest potential to visit your locations.

> Sustainable Marketing ROI

HomePlace CRM

This is all about broadening and deepening your e-club database by appending demographic and lifestyle data to your records and delivering more relevant offers to your consumers. Your e-club members are too important to your business to not be sending relevant messages.

> Improve Response Through Data



 How HomePlace programs increase and drive traffic:

  • Dayparts - on the way to the office, at lunch, after work
  • Reimaging and new openings
  • Underperforming locations
  • Events and occasions
  • Destination locations


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