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As a Bonchon Franchise Owner, you have access to buy Now Hiring Facebook Ads through Marketing Informatics (Mi).  In an effort to lower the cost of ads to help you, you now have the option to buy ads for as low as $50 or $100 a month. Simply fill out the form below for your location(s).

Bonchon Corporate will contribute an additional $150 to your marketing campaign to boost your reach (your cost will be $50 or $100 still)

Campaigns start within 5-7 days of submission and run for 30 days.  Ads must run for the full month and cannot be paused. Upon completion, Mi will send a campaign summary report showing impressions and clicks achieved during the campaign.

Advertising Options

Each Program has two spend options and a potential number of impressions to expect for the spend. Impressions are the number of times people could see your ad during a 30 day campaign.


Click Image to view Facebook Ad

Facebook/Instagram Ad
$50 for 4-8k Impressions
$100 for 8-12k Impressions
*Corporate boost of $150 will add 9-15K impressions

Households within 10 Miles of the location (targeting restricted due to employment)
Facebook and Instagram Users

Creative Options

As you opt in your location(s) below, you will need to provide a link to the online job listing. You may also include info about positions and if people can apply in person.


$ 0.00

Questions? Please reach out to (