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Direct Marketing Opt-In

Submit Your Information by JUNE 29, 2018 to Participate

To help drive traffic and awareness in the summer months, we are organizing a BusinessPlace mailer through Marketing Informatics.  The marketing programs below are great ways to drive traffic and awareness to your locations.  Payment will be coordinated by Marketing Informatics.
The more participants, the better the pricing.  BusinessPlace is a great way to drive traffic to your location(s).

Opt-In Deadline:

In Market Date:
7/30 – 8/1

Offer Expiration Date:


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Reaching Consumers that WORK Nearby
Package with 1 Letter and 20 coupon sheets per business
5,000 – 10,000 Impressions
238 – 474 Businesses

Fill in detail below for each location you wish to include.  Name the location with an identifier that would make it unique (City, Street Name, Area,etc.).  Mi will send a summary of your order and coordinate payment prior to the mail date.
*More location rows will populate as needed*

Teriyaki Madness Direct Mail Opt In Form

Location 1 Programs (Pick One)

Location 2 Programs (Pick One)

Location 3 Programs (Pick One)

Location 4 Programs (Pick One)


Any questions, contact Sarah Douglass (