About Us

Who We Are

We’re not a typical agency.  We move fast.  We’re flexible.  We don’t have minimums, contracts or commitments. We constantly immerse ourselves in the industries we serve. The result is a deep understanding of industry specific issues and the programs to solve those issues.  If we test something and it works, we know the long term benefit will come.

At our core, we focus on data-driven programs.  Data to us comes from a client in the form of POS, Eclub, Loyalty, apps, reservation, and online ordering.  We then pair that with our demographic, lifestyle, and business data sources to create a robust marketing data atmosphere allowing for execution across traditional and digital channels.

Our Team

Derrick Smith


Derrick utilizes more than 20 years of experience to foster a healthy environment in which his colleagues flourish and his clients receive the attention and solutions they deserve.  His strengths lie in relationships and organizational effectiveness.

​His interests are in family and community, and he loves spending time pursuing interests with his wife and three daughters.  Tennis and fostering dogs are among his favorite free-time activities.

Marc Becher

VP of Strategy & Client Success

Marc has been a consistent driver in building our programs and presence, especially in the restaurant industry. His attention to relationships, service and solutions helped shape the core of what Mi stands for today.  ​At the end of the day, having fun with the people and brands he works with keeps him coming back for more.

His wife and two daughters are his world.  He loves spending time with them, laughing and trying to soak in all moments of being a dad.

Sarah Douglass

Project Manager

Mi always talks about our service and how good it really is.  Sarah makes outstanding service a reality for our clients every day.  Her strengths include attention to detail, a mind for asking questions to solve problems, and a friendly personality. Sarah’s unique combination of skills sets our customer experience apart from the norm.

​In her personal time, she enjoys riding her bike, traveling, having fun at book club, and living vicariously through everyone that owns a dog.

Ben Swenson

Director of IT and Business Intelligence

Ben has a passion for solving technical problems.  Whether that means applying existing tools or building new ones, he finds ways to use technology to create new solutions and use automation to make it fast and efficient.  As an IT “Jack of all trades” he wields a handful of languages and competencies he can bring to bear as needed.  Many of the solutions Ben creates operate behind the scenes but are critical in setting Mi apart from the competition.

At home, he spends his time with his wife and two daughters.  His little girls love adventure – hiking, climbing, primitive camping, fishing – as long as it is outdoors they’re on board.

Bob Massie


More than 30 years ago, Bob Massie founded Mi.  Over the years, Bob has led the company as it transformed to meet marketing needs of various industries.  The company grew from start up to a 3x Inc 500 honoree as a fastest growing company all while continuously being a leader in marketing, service, and data solutions.  Bob’s thought leadership, passion for marketing, relationship building, and employee development are key components to Mi’s success and each team member’s development.

While Bob is involved in the day-to-day at Mi in many ways, Bob pivoted and founded Naptown Media in 2015. Naptown Media specializes in development and production of documentary films and series television. For projects currently in development, see www.naptownmedia.com.

Let’s Talk

The best way for us to understand how and if we can help is to exchange information.  From there, we’re sure we will give you a solution to solve your challenge.  And, if we don’t have one, we’ll be the first to tell you.