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Franchise Marketing Support

Direct Mail Marketing Opt-In


Questions? Please reach out to

Opt-In Deadline:

In Market Date:
8/1/24 – 8/5/24

Offer Expiration Date:


B2B Direct Mail

Artwork is approved and provided by corporate: Click Here to View Artwork

21 impressions sent into each business
– #10 Envelope with Company Logo and tagline
-1 Letter for gatekeeper
-20 Coupon Slips to be distributed to employees (3 offers on each slip)

Qty and Pricing
200 – 250 businesses
(4,200 – 5,250 Impressions)*

400 – 500 businesses
(8,400 – 10,500 Impressions)*

Businesses within 5-7 minutes
10+ employees (80% will have 20-50 employees)
Excludes retail and other restaurants

*When more locations participate, the rate per piece drops qualifying you for more mailers. The range of businesses above is based on a participation estimate of 400 locations. 


Coupon Handouts- Print Only

Click Image to View Coupons

8.5 x 3.5″ coupon slip
$150 for 1,000

Extra coupons sent directly to your store for you to distribute as needed

Redemption Results

Curious how well direct mail performs?
Check out the results from a campaign where participants received an
average 3.4% redemption rate and 5x ROI
Example: Redemption Results and ROI

Not sure which offers to select?
Example: Total Redemptions by Offer


Thank you for your interest. The opt in is now closed.



Direct Mail Policy: By completing this form and processing payment for direct mail, you agree that Marketing Informatics can print and mail the corporate approved and provided artwork as seen above into the businesses within your trade area as outlined by our targeting methodology and timing.
Coupon Handout Policy: By completing this form and processing payment for coupon handouts, you agree that Marketing Informatics can print the corporate approved and provided artwork and ship handouts directly to your restaurant location.
Location Information Approval Policy: By providing approval in the form above that your location address and phone number is correct, you agree for Marketing Informatics to print that information as is onto your mailers and/or handouts. If you have changes to your location address or phone number, and enter changes within the form, Marketing Informatics will honor those changes as accurate and print with that information onto the mailers and/or handouts.
Offer Selection Policy: By selecting three offers in the form above, you agree that Marketing Informatics can print the respective corporate approved and provided offers onto your employee coupon slip and/or coupon handouts. Marketing Informatics will work directly with corporate to activate codes for your location to be redeemed in the time frame outlined below.
Cancelation Policy: You will be asked for payment information upon sign up. Cancelation before 6/20 for full refund, cancelation after 6/20 for postage refund only (until 7/10/24 and then no refund can be given).

Questions? Please reach out to (