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Franchise Marketing Support

Direct Mail Marketing Plus Up

Deadline to Buy Additional Postcards:  February 14th

MOOYAH is mailing postcards to consumers to drive traffic and sales. The brand is paying for the base level of postcard support (9,000 postcards). As a franchise owner, you have the opportunity to buy more postcards for your location. Fill in the form below to do so.

Questions? Please reach out to

Opt-In Deadline:

In Market:
Week of 3/11/24

Offer Expiration Date:


6×11 Postcard
MOOYAH is supporting your location for 9,000 households mailed. The following options are available for you to buy MORE support for your location:

$875 – 2,500 additional mailers
$1,750- 5,000 additional mailers
$2,625 – 7,500 additional mailers

Consumers within 5-10 minutes of your location
Household Income $70k+
Excludes PO Boxes and Trailers

Your location address will be printed on the direct mailer. All other components will be are predetermined by MOOYAH as static artwork components.

Artwork shown is example artwork and is subject to change based on what is provided by MOOYAH corporate.

*Targeting is our general guideline for targeting.  In certain areas, household income average used may be reduced and distance may be increased to meet volume of the mailing


Thank you for your interest. The opt in period is now closed.

Direct Mail Policy: By completing this form and processing payment for direct mail, you agree that Marketing Informatics can print and mail the corporate approved and provided artwork as seen above into the households within your trade area as outlined by our targeting methodology and timing. We do our best to hold targeting methodologies but small shifts may happen to income levels and distances based on local trade areas around any given location.

Cancelation Policy: You will be asked for payment information upon sign up. Cancelation before 2/14/24 for full refund, cancelation after 2/14/24 but before 3/1/24 for postage refund only. After 3/1/24, no refund can be given and mail cannot be stopped from going out into market as purchased.

Any questions, contact Marc Becher (