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Franchise Marketing Support

Direct Mail Marketing Opt-In

YOUR RESPONSE NEEDED BY Thursday, April 28th

Questions? Please reach out to [email protected]

Opt-In Deadline:

In Market Date:
6/08 – 6/10

Offers Expire:

Advertising Options


6 x 11 Postcard

$650 for 2,097 – 2,390 households
$1,000 for 3,226 – 3,676 households
$1,500 for 4,839 – 5,515 households
$2,000 for 6,452 – 7,353 households

Households within 3 -5 minutes
Household income $50k+

Excludes PO Boxes and Trailers

Postcards will be printed with your location address and phone number

If you participated in the 2022 Q1 mailer, we will mail to different households where available this round.

Click here to view mailer artwork
Artwork features Angel Food Slim and the offers are
$2 Off any 32oz or larger smoothie,
FREE 20oz Smoothie with purchase of any 32oz or larger smoothie,
and $4.99 32oz Smoothie.


App and Web Display Ads
$250 for 20k – 40k Impressions, 1 month
$500 for 40k – 80k Impressions, 2 Months
$750 for 60k – 120k Impressions, 3 months

Google ads will be featured on popular apps and websites to your direct mail audience
(or for those not participating in the direct mail campaign, we will target users within 3 -5 minutes)

Ads will direct consumers to your location specific olo site, begin 6/08 and run for 1, 2, or 3 months depending on purchase. Upon campaign completion, performance reporting will be provided.

Click here to view web display artwork
(Artwork files will be posted here soon and will feature Angel Food Slim)

Click here to view sample reporting

*When more locations participate, the rate per piece drops qualifying you for more mailers. The range of households above is estimated based on previous participation.

Cancelation Policy: You will be asked for payment information upon sign up.
Cancelation before 4/27 for full refund, cancelation after 4/27 for postage refund only.


Thanks for your interest.  The Opt In is now closed.

Questions? Please reach out to ([email protected]).