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Recently, I posted an article about an experience I had at Zoës Kitchen Corporate.  Long story short, it was a sales call gone right.  I walked in and due to dumb luck, their entire staff was in the lobby and cheered me on as if I were the most amazing person to enter their building.

In reality, they were waiting on someone else (an operator they were celebrating).  But, rather than just be passive and awkward, they made the most of the moment.  I embraced it and made the most out of that moment.

When I got back to Indy, I decided to write a LinkedIn post about it.  It was a fun experience.  Why not share it?  Little did I know, the post would go on to be 50x more successful than my normal posting activity.  2,000+ clicks.  Zoës staff members chimed in left and right.

Flash forward to a few days ago.  A received a call from Plano, TX.  It was Zoës marketing.  They were thrilled with my story/post.  More importantly, they wanted to have a conversation about who we are at Mi.  Not because I brought them cookies but because I shared the personal side of my experience.  They made my day and I promoted their brand.  Their Public Relations Director said they were all so happy their brand had that impact on me and that I shared it.

Since we work with some many restaurants, I’ve been chasing Zoës for some time.  Limited movement and certainly no progress as of late and then, the ball came to me, and instead of passing, I shot my shot.  Instead of chalking it up as a fun experience, I recognized Zoës for their awesomeness.

So, no matter what you’re faced with in your normal business day be ready to shoot your shot.  You’ll never know what might happen if you aren’t ready to take it when your time comes.